HSA Heritage works alongside our factories to help them grow and develop systems, procedures and products. We ensure our developing factories supply quality goods manufactured in a safe and fair working environment. Over the past 25 years, we have maintained strong ties with our factories. One factory, in particular, we have helped to develop is now one of the largest factories in the Asian Pacific region. With our assistance, this factory went from 200 to 2000 employees within three years and still produces outstanding, high-quality products.

Created in 2001, HSA currently employs over 20 employees in three locations and generates revenues in excess of 8 million. HSA Heritage has a CEO with over 25 years of experience in furniture and retail store supply. We specialize in fitting our customer’s needs with the best factory while ensuring we offer the best service to both our customer and the supplier. Our services also include QC of products, design of products, product development from concept to sample and years of knowledge in logistic and transport-related matters.

Our strength lies in our dedicated sourcing team, our systematic quality control at the source of the goods, our focus on difficult countries where the market for products and services lacks transparency and fluidity. Consequently, many products, services, and consistent quality are hard to find. We employ team members in the countries we are dedicated to working in to ensure local language and laws are also fulfilled.

While our business is trend and demand-driven, and with time we have come to specialize in certain types of products and services, there are theoretically few products and services that we cannot find, purchase and deliver.

We have staff and offices located in Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.